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Metal Carving Scalpel Knife

high carbon steel scalpel knife with extra 5 blades!
length: 145mm x 8 mm
Screw the fixing in and out for easy change of blades. 
Suitable for carving and cutting a variety of applications. With a range of colours to choose from including blue, red, gold, purple and green

-Aluminum handle, Non-slip design.
-Adjustable Chuck head,fix the blades firmly.
-translucent  Knife Safety Cap prevents fingers from hurt.
-11#, 4#, 16#, and 10# Replacement Stainless Steel knife Blades in one Plastic box.
-this is craft knife is excellent for model making, mat cutting, etching, carving, Sculpture, stripping and other hobby applications.
-It is designed for Craft beginners or DIY enthusiasts.
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