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SCULPEY Premo + Souffle Mul...

Sculpey Premo & Souffle Modelling Clay Assorted 24 Pack is a great option for caning, mokume gane and mica shift modelling techniques. Premo once conditioned, it has a soft and blendable construction for easy use but is also firm for holding detail. While the Souffle clay is strong, self-supporting and won't crack so it's ideal for large clay projects. This pack comes in fun metallic and glittery colours for you to enjoy.
  • The clay can be baked in the oven for permanent results.
  • This is a polymer clay.
  • This clay is non-toxic for your safety.
  • It's perfect for mica shift, caning and mokume gane techniques.
  • There is a total of 780 g of clay in this pack.
  • There are 24 bars of clay in this pack.
  • Inside you'll find assorted metallic and glittery colours.
  • Simply bake the clay at 130 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes per 6 mm thickness to solidify your mould.
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